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Mobile Hotbox

Examples of use

The automobile industry: Cleaning of engines and undercarriages

Construction industry: Cleaning of construction machines

Bodywork industry: Cleaning of chassis

Garages and repair shops: Maintenance of tractors and agricultural machines

Hot Box Mobil.png
ModelWorking pressure (bar)
Water consumption
Diesel tankVoltLength mm.Width mm.Height mm.Weight kg
HotBox02545Diesletank 20 ltr1x23070057080075
HotBox 20020011-28Diesel tank 20 ltr1x23070057080075
HotBox 30030011-28Diesel tank 20 ltr1x23070057080075
HotBox 40040011-28Diesel tank 20 ltr1x23070057080075
HotBox 50050011-28Diesel tank 20 ltr1x23070057080075
DB HotBox 20020056Diesel tank 20 ltr1x2301000680760150
DB HotBox 30030056Diesel tank 20 ltr1x2301000680760150
DB HotBox 40040056Diesel tank 20 ltr1x2301000680760150
DB HotBox 50050056Diesel tank 20 ltr1x2301000680760150
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