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Hydraulic cold-water high pressure cleaners

Hydraulic cold-water high pressure cleaners

Example of use

Hydraulic cold water cleaners are mainly used on machines in the transport industry.

It is mounted on a vehicle and works by hydraulics.

A hydraulic high pressure cleaner has its advantage in that it is always at hand when fitted first.

The model is effective for maintenance tasks, eg. tankers to be cleaned continuously after shipping of waste liquids

or fishing vessels that must be kept clean continuously as food is being processed.

All you need is a water supply, as this model is self-sufficient, so it can be connected directly to stationary water or use a tank trailer as a water supply.

The hydraulic cold water cleaner can be attached to the following machines with advantage:

Forest machinery


Agricultural machinery



Fishing vessels

ModelWorking pressure (bar)Water consumption
Pump stampsEngine capacity
Length mm.Width mm.Height mm.NozzleWeight kg
KENT HD 4010100213Omp 40500350200150840
KENT HD 4015150153Omp 40500350200150540

Standard equipment for all high pressure washers

Kit 4 w/quick coupling is standard for all high pressure washers at KENT Højtryk A/S. The Kit contains 10m high-pressure huse, spray gun, doubble tube and a low pressure nozzle.

Separate accesories can be purchased from KENT Højtryk A/S.

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