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Stationary Hotbox

Stationary HotBox & Double ST HotBox

Examples of applications

Stationary The HotBox should be connected after a cold water pressure washer. For larger water volumes, use a Double HotBox.

Automotive: Engine and undercarriage cleaning

Construction companies: Construction machinery

Body shops: Chassis cleaning

Repair shops: Maintenance of tractors and agricultural machinery

Stationary hotbox on electricity with diesel boiler
Model Working
Water consumption
VoltLength mm.Width mm.Height mm.Weight kg
ST HotBox 025025451x23050034080075
ST HotBox 20020011-281x23050034080075
ST HotBox 300 30011-281x23050034080075
ST HotBox 400 40011-281x23050034080075
ST HotBox 500 50011-281x23050034080075
ST DB HotBox 200200561x2301000580760150
ST DB HotBox 300300561x2301000580760150
ST DB HotBox 400400561x2301000580760150
ST DB HotBox 500500561x2301000580760150


Construction and equipment:
Epoxy painted steel frame and stainless steel sides.

Boiler and oil burner:
A KENT Stationary HotBox is a double-sided steel boiler with a flow-through spiral, which ensures very high efficiency with minimal energy consumption.

Environmentally friendly combustion values, 10-11% CO2, soot levels 1-2. Thermostat control prevents overheating. Infinitely variable temperature control from 0-80°C

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